Support Network

Our Support Group, which has been in operation since 1991, has continued to develop steadily, maintaining its principle object and function … that of being a “life-line” to a specific group in the community … those disabled by a devastating and potentially serious illness, namely Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

Firstly, by giving direct aid in the form of personal support, understanding, and encouragement to all who seek our help; and secondly, by being a source of current, accurate, and helpful information about the illness, and how to manage living with it … both for those with the illness, and those who care for them … thus relieving in some measure, the distress and helplessness caused by this illness.

Our Network of Support and Information includes the following:

  • Office open 11am – 3pm Tuesday to Thursday.
  • Unrestricted phone contact – all STD calls will be returned to save an extra burden.
  • Monthly Support Meetings
  • Members Contact List
  • Information Kit, posted free to all enquirers.
  • Brochures … ME/CFS, Youth, Fibromyalgia.
  • Bi-monthly Journal
  • Monthly sets of Photocopied Articles for purchase
  • Lending Library (Books, Journals, Audio and Video Tapes)

PHONE CONTACT is the most frequent form of initial contact with our Group. Many calls are taken; mainly from sufferers, but also from carers, or friends of either; all seeking the support and understanding of someone with a knowledge and experience of this very complex, difficult and often misunderstood illness … needing someone to listen and believe in them.

Phone: (07) 4632 8173


A warm welcome is extended to all interested persons. There is no fee for meeting attendance.

When … 1st Wednesday of each month (Except January) … 10.00am to 12.00pm

Where … Dr. Price Rooms, 6 Little Street Toowoomba

Monthly Programme – Details advertised over 6 local Radio Stations; and in ‘Coming Events’ in The Chronicle and Toowoomba’s Mail. (Format usually includes ‘Open Discussion and Sharing’, with ‘News Update’ and sometimes a Guest Speaker.)


This is a list of names and phone numbers of those members willing to participate, and is available strictly for use by members to communicate with one another. Members are advised to be thoughtful in any communications made with other sufferers, as most will have limited reserves of energy.


ME/CFS … Introductory Letter, Membership Application, ME/CFS Facts Sheet, Understanding ME/CFS and ME/CFS/FM Brochure.

YOUTH … Introductory Letter, Membership Application, ME/CFS Facts Sheet, Understanding ME/CFS, ME/CFS/FM Brochure and Youth Brochure.

FMS … Introductory Letter, Membership Application, FMS Brochure, Fibromyalgia Syndrome and A Patient’s Frequently Asked Questions about Fibromyalgia.


Since this Group’s inception in June ’91, there has been an on-going system of ‘Continuing Education’ … provided in the bi-monthly Journal … plus Local, National and International News; and List of Photocopied Articles for the month.


Extra informative articles available for purchase individually as per list on back page of each Journal.

  • Annual subscriptions for photocopied articles are $20 on top of membership.
  • Annual subscriptions for photocopied articles for non-members are $25 to cover extra cost for postage.

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