Details of the Association:

The business of the ME/CFS/FM Support Association Qld Inc. is managed by a Committee, elected by the members, at the Annual General Meeting each November; and is dependent on Membership Subscriptions, plus donations, to remain financially viable.

The Association is a Registered Charity, Public Benevolent Institution, and endorsed Deductible Gift Recipient. Any donations to assist with operating costs are greatly appreciated. Gifts of $2 or more are Tax deductible.

Since 2004, the Association has contracted to a Service Agreement with Queensland Health, resulting in a grant which covers most routine office expenditure. However, the Agreement explicitly excludes financing of production of the Association’s Journal, the substantial cost of which must still be financed by membership subscriptions.

Membership and Fees

Membership of this association is open to all persons with an interest in ME/CFS/FM.

There is no fee for Meeting Attendance.

Membership includes provision of our bi-monthly journal, “The Queensland Communicator”

Annual Subscription … $25.00 … Membership is renewable on the anniversary of joining.

For financial members an additional $20.00 can be paid on top of the membership for monthly sets of Photocopied Articles (optional).

For non-members to receive Photocopied Articles there is a payment of $25 which includes postage.

Applying for Membership:

The legislation governing incorporated associations requires that a signed application for membership be submitted. The date of signing should also be recorded on the form.

See below for banking details.

Joining by electronic means: having completed and signed an application form, it should be to send a scan of the form as an email attachment. This would be done in conjunction with payment by electronic transfer.

Payment by electronic transfer or direct deposit:

Payment for new membership, or renewal, may be made to the following account:

Bank Account for Payments other than Pure Donations
BankHeritage Bank
BSB Number638-070
Account Number9615830
Account NameME/CFS/FM Support Association Qld Inc.

If making a direct deposit at a Heritage branch, the Account Number might need to be given as 9615830S21 (S21 being the account type).

The Association is experiencing difficulty with unidentified payments being made to its bank account.

In the case of a direct deposit at a Heritage branch (entries for which, on our bank statements, usually do not identify the depositor), it is essential that the Association be advised of the payment, by mail or email, so that we know who it came from and what it is for, and so that a receipt may be sent.

In the case of payment by electronic transfer, the entries for such payments on our bank statements usually identify the depositor’s account name, but there have been exceptions. It would be appreciated if the Association could be advised by email that a payment has been made.