About us

Our organisation began in June 1991 as the Toowoomba ME/CFS Support Group, affiliated with the then ME Syndrome Society of Qld Inc.

In November 1994 it became a Sub group of the Northern Rivers ME/CFS/FM Support Assn. Inc; and in February 1998, it became registered as a separate Incorporated body, namely the ME/CFS/FM Support Association Toowoomba Inc.

We became the Queensland peak body in July 2004, and in October 2004, our name changed to ME/CFS/FM Support Association Qld Inc.

The objects of our association are as follows:

  1. To extend a welcome to all persons with an interest in ME/CFS/FM (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Fibromyalgia), sufferers (diagnosed or suspected), their carers, families and friends, to join together in membership of this support association, aiming its outreach to all who seek its help, in the following ways:
    • To provide friendship and support to one another.
    • To disseminate information about ME/CFS/FM.
    • To share experiences in management of living with the illness.
  2. To promote awareness and understanding of the disabling nature and potential severity of ME/CFS/FM amongst:
    • members of the Medical Profession and Allied Health Professionals
    • all Educators at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels
    • Employers
    • Politicians and Government Departments
    • The Community in general
  3. To maintain links with other individuals, groups, medical professionals and researchers with a similar interest in ME/CFS/FM; both to support and encourage and to access current knowledge and developments in diagnosis and treatment.
  4. To publicise the urgent need for funding of research into the cause and treatment of ME/CFS/FM.
  5. To seek and raise funds to fulfil the Association’s objectives, but restricted to activities governed by health limitations.

  • The ME/CFS/FM Support Association Qld Inc. supports, and has membership of the Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation … (the Australian charitable institution which was formed in 1998 to reduce the impact in the community of the disease myalgic encephalopathy / chronic fatigue syndrome, following the death of 19 year old Alison)
  • Our Association also embraces the Annual ‘International ME Awareness Campaign’ begun in the U.S. 9 years ago, and
  • Supports ‘Brame’ (Blue Ribbon for the Awareness of ME) … the awareness campaign based in the U.K. and now active in 18 countries. See this page for more information.